b7f0197 CYBUTEK Update to
aa51538 CYBUTEK Merge pull request #3 from Gerry1135/simulate
5ae2b74 Gerry1135 Updated DLLs
68fe7cd Gerry1135 Added set of currently draining resource types so…
fde31ed Gerry1135 Updated DLLs
0846c2a Gerry1135 Removed debugging trace or made it conditional fo…
f385ba2 Gerry1135 Fixed simulation to only track resources that hav…
ba9fed8 Gerry1135 Fixed copy local settings for referenced assembli…
56c1a57 Gerry1135 Added Logging folder to ignore
dbd2ac1 Gerry1135 Tweaks after moving to new dev machine
9297aee Gerry Updated DLLs
03bbef7 Gerry Added tweakable to both modules that controls the…
0baf16c Gerry Added tweakable to control atmospheric pressure u…
f9986bf Gerry Removed some unused code
e03fed1 Gerry Fixed log message for unknown flow type
9b68e4b Gerry Updated DLLs
7512455 Gerry Fixed flickering of toolbar button
225afe0 Gerry Updated DLLs
e831d17 Gerry Fixed thrust correction on initial move to launch…
c73ab60 Gerry Updated DLLs
1672047 Gerry Added thrust correction for Real Fuels
cb49db7 Gerry Updated DLLs
e0533fd Gerry Fixed issues with part with no physical significa…
37b2eba Gerry Updated DLLs
e654cf8 Gerry Added calculation of max TWR during each stage
2e81ddd Gerry Made some more terrain height test stuff conditio…
c918c80 Gerry Implemented handling of ResourceFlowMode.STAGE_PR…
a5e0c09 Gerry Updated compiled DLLs
390f233 Gerry Made some logging spam conditional
d680d94 Gerry Updated compiled DLLs
872320d Gerry Worked around issue with struts allowing fuel flo…
045737c Gerry Fixed issues with exception reporting mechanism.
86fb19a Gerry Fixed reading of results from SimManager
c358a7e Gerry Added useful logging class
d7e7c33 Gerry Updated DLLs
1ac145b Gerry Added HashSet to track draining parts
ea1707c Gerry Updated DLLs
609e7ef Gerry Introduce end-of-line normalization
67f5add Gerry A bit more tidying
03b169c Gerry Updated dlls in Output folder
8fd6f54 Gerry Reverted silly change to ActivateStage
a712a1c Gerry Improved exception handling to prevent simulation…
65fc192 Gerry Calculate effective stage isp.\nVarious optimisat…
0caeb61 Gerry Fixed engines with multiple modules
25a93a6 Gerry Added EngineSim class and create function in simu…
04dc443 Gerry Reinstate time > 9999 checks to avoid silly stage…
20aa51a Gerry Avoid breaking mass calculations is resource amou…
ef98533 Gerry Added (Pad) to window titles via suffix string in…
b04cb44 Gerry Fixed typo in rendezvous window
2080a45 Gerry Substantial changes to VesselSimulator
9cf3082 CYBUTEK Release:
8b9da0b CYBUTEK Better compatibility with engines using ModuleEng…
acc907f CYBUTEK Compiled fix assigning gravity in FlightEngineer.
4077b8f CYBUTEK Merge pull request #1 from jclapis/jclapis
73dd37d Joe Clapis Fixed the assignment of SimManager.Instance.Gravi…
c8f9d5f CYBUTEK Hopeful fix for simulation freezing.
eba2265 CYBUTEK Prepared new version.
b68cbd7 CYBUTEK Fixed editor locking + toolbar bug.
a7c999c CYBUTEK Fixed minor toolbar bug.
14b6cef CYBUTEK Fixed update bug when pausing in flight.
32102af CYBUTEK Copy-edited descriptions by Duxwing.
863f786 CYBUTEK Altered impact bug fix.
3b80750 CYBUTEK Updated Readme.
e0a9950 CYBUTEK Prepare version
1068e91 CYBUTEK Changed window id initialisation.
7510f71 CYBUTEK Multi-mode engine support.
856eeca CYBUTEK Added licensing.
92d8c70 CYBUTEK Integrates with Blizzy78's toolbar plugin.
2a06c09 CYBUTEK Cleaned up some formatters.
d0ed16f CYBUTEK Updated for 0.23
fd06577 CYBUTEK Updated version.
955df33 CYBUTEK Fixed compatibility with FAR.
9e41079 CYBUTEK Fixed bug in crash fix.
e19e549 CYBUTEK Converted from .NET 4.5 to 3.5
c26500f CYBUTEK Impact calc & linux crash fix.
f4ee4d0 CYBUTEK Version (0.22 Ready).
f299333 CYBUTEK Fixed fuel line bug (v0.6.1.1)
754b568 CYBUTEK Version
3233fab CYBUTEK Linked the TapeDriveAnimator class.
8477231 CYBUTEK Added the ER7500 part.
eff886c CYBUTEK Bug in version control system.
6608573 CYBUTEK Version
1262c8d CYBUTEK GUI Fix for KSP 0.18.4
1ffa311 Daniel Fabian Version 0.6
6a25ff0 Daniel Fabian Version
28559fd Daniel Fabian Added Eeloo. Changed floats to doubles.
b6c1d65 Daniel Fabian Initial Commit (v0.5.4.3)