b6ef03a Gerry1135 Latest tweaks from Sarbian
e534ecd Gerry1135 Fixed atmosphere calculation to use GetPressure f…
8573f06 Gerry1135 Updated references to use v1.0
7fc81cb Gerry1135 Sarbians changes to use object pooling and other …
f17529c Gerry1135 Added required parts of Smooth library
938e6c6 cybutek Pulled some more of padishar's fixes and prepped …
7ee2025 CYBUTEK Merge pull request #22 from Gerry1135/fixresource…
045dd3a cybutek Prep rebuild.
2be43a9 Gerry1135 Fixed calculation of per-stage resource mass
c937a3d CYBUTEK Merge pull request #19 from Gerry1135/kidsfix
3b38c0d Gerry1135 Fixed log spam for stage priority flow mode
0deea2b Gerry1135 Fixed locked tanks from preventing simulation fro…
ff10672 Gerry1135 Fixed no flow and all vessel modes to respect flo…
dc53756 Gerry1135 Added calls to UpdateModSettings in relevant plac…
388b000 Gerry1135 Support KIDS ISP thrust correction
35d09dc cybutek Fixed missing texture on the ER-7500 model.
27ae516 cybutek Prep 1.0.14 release.
c94afd3 cybutek Fixed error loading ER-7500 part model.
a5a63e4 cybutek Cleaned up comparison values.
1ac1c02 cybutek Fixed large mass and cost formatting issue.
62def99 cybutek Added career mode limitations.
7b1efb4 cybutek Fixed STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW resource disabling.
26f2c34 cybutek Added System Time readout.
2dd9106 cybutek Overlay tab's X position is now changable.
50d7fd6 CYBUTEK Merge pull request #12 from Gerry1135/nodefix
a24935a Gerry1135 Fix for low level tracking station not supporting…
48f1634 cybutek Updated version file.
373faf1 cybutek FuelLines now go by the module, not the part type.
a58b33a cybutek Updated for 0.90
2f377df cybutek Suicide burn now clamps to sea level.
dd71172 cybutek Altitude (terrain) will no longer give a reading …
cb94fe6 cybutek Fixed editor overlay loading and added heading/pi…
b43d37d cybutek 1.0.12 release
a56c3fe cybutek Fixed some issues with the vessel simulation.
cadc5ae cybutek Added various readouts and updated vectored thrus…
58027e1 cybutek Added thrust torque + angle by mic_e
ba7042b CYBUTEK Merge pull request #9 from mic-e/thrustdirectione…
752f69b Michael Ensslin Simulation.cs: removed unused property ShipStartM…
d8890b0 Michael Ensslin Reaction wheel torque is now kNm instead of kN
a4a9877 Michael Ensslin Added Thrust Torque readout to Editor and Flight
4c67981 CYBUTEK Changed conversions of Isp to exhaust velocity us…
da75428 CYBUTEK Fixed bug in manoeuvre node burn times.
4e61659 CYBUTEK Prep for release.
3654612 CYBUTEK Enhanced editor data in the vessel tab and part c…
148799a CYBUTEK Fixed the vanishing vessel tab in the editor.
d5d0c5f CYBUTEK Prp for release.
6406190 CYBUTEK Fixed HUD readout spacing.
f067638 CYBUTEK Fixed issue with HUD background when not displayi…
797923f CYBUTEK Cleanup
ca69001 CYBUTEK Fixed issue with separators in HUDs.
bced51f CYBUTEK Completed implementation of all basic manoeuvre n…
80f34d8 CYBUTEK Basic manoeuver node readouts implemented.
5131785 CYBUTEK Added manoeuver node radial readout.
41742b2 CYBUTEK Presets now save HUDs correctly.
7978e01 CYBUTEK Added DeltaV Current/Total readout.
53b6483 CYBUTEK Fixed suicide burn display.
5d68bc9 CYBUTEK Added situation readout.
7b6db19 CYBUTEK Fixed Current SOI readout whilst orbiting sun.
a8f45b8 CYBUTEK Merge pull request #8 from Gerry1135/simfixes
033e156 Gerry1135 Added a missing this. to fit 1.0 style
3ff72bb Gerry1135 Fixed issue with sepratrons on solid boosters
3213050 Gerry1135 Fixed issue with multicouplers when attached to p…
13852f5 Gerry1135 Fixed refs and removed _firstpass as no longer ne…
14fafc1 CYBUTEK Added current SOI readout.
e72bd60 CYBUTEK Prep for 1.0.10 release.
257d650 CYBUTEK HUD sections can now have a smoked background for…
ee44836 CYBUTEK Changed default installed readouts.
dc0ddea CYBUTEK Added suicide burn readouts.
3add071 CYBUTEK Added HUD sections to the Flight Engineer.
1599355 CYBUTEK Fixed bug with editor locking.
3a3269e CYBUTEK Fixed bug in phase angle calculations.
13cfb6d CYBUTEK Fixed the Flight Engineer not saving it's hidden …
48c8fcc CYBUTEK Added switch to target.
5c25183 CYBUTEK Prep v1.0.9.3
3084b56 CYBUTEK Compressed atmospheric settings in editor onto a …
bd7d80a CYBUTEK Atmos. Efficiency readout now shows as a percenta…
47417a7 CYBUTEK Added atmospheric indicator to compact mode title.
b7deb7c CYBUTEK PartInfo overlay hidden when not in parts screen.
17fd5b6 CYBUTEK Added vertical & horizontal acceleration readouts.
c483893 CYBUTEK Fixed vessel and resource overlay displays stayin…
6a2bc3b CYBUTEK Getting ready for KSP v0.25.0
74d9a7d CYBUTEK Prettyfied Latitude and Longitude readouts.
34d5842 CYBUTEK Fixed part size bug caused by TweakScale's cost c…
4dbe8e4 CYBUTEK Started implementation of the Control Centre.
4f4a570 CYBUTEK Prep release 1.0.9
2a6fdb7 CYBUTEK Fixed resource costs and costs with tweakscale.
062e959 CYBUTEK Implemented show/hide key bound shortcuts.
75bfe80 CYBUTEK Added surface thrust to weight readout.
0a74c3a CYBUTEK Vessel readouts now use ReadoutModule's automatic…
e401c25 CYBUTEK Added current stage DeltaV readout.
a32a94b CYBUTEK Exclude release files.
bbcc427 CYBUTEK Exclude release files.
7b84ec4 CYBUTEK Exclude release zip.
d98a6a9 CYBUTEK Implement build overlay.
c367416 CYBUTEK Implemented vessel and resources overlay panels.
967a451 CYBUTEK Implemented the part info tips overlay.
001a324 CYBUTEK Started implementing part information tooltips.
15553b9 CYBUTEK Organised the build process.
23e0fcd CYBUTEK Release
00cf7a5 CYBUTEK Fixed rendezvous bug.