48c8fcc CYBUTEK Added switch to target.
5c25183 CYBUTEK Prep v1.0.9.3
3084b56 CYBUTEK Compressed atmospheric settings in editor onto a …
bd7d80a CYBUTEK Atmos. Efficiency readout now shows as a percenta…
47417a7 CYBUTEK Added atmospheric indicator to compact mode title.
b7deb7c CYBUTEK PartInfo overlay hidden when not in parts screen.
17fd5b6 CYBUTEK Added vertical & horizontal acceleration readouts.
c483893 CYBUTEK Fixed vessel and resource overlay displays stayin…
6a2bc3b CYBUTEK Getting ready for KSP v0.25.0
74d9a7d CYBUTEK Prettyfied Latitude and Longitude readouts.
34d5842 CYBUTEK Fixed part size bug caused by TweakScale's cost c…
4dbe8e4 CYBUTEK Started implementation of the Control Centre.
4f4a570 CYBUTEK Prep release 1.0.9
2a6fdb7 CYBUTEK Fixed resource costs and costs with tweakscale.
062e959 CYBUTEK Implemented show/hide key bound shortcuts.
75bfe80 CYBUTEK Added surface thrust to weight readout.
0a74c3a CYBUTEK Vessel readouts now use ReadoutModule's automatic…
e401c25 CYBUTEK Added current stage DeltaV readout.
a32a94b CYBUTEK Exclude release files.
bbcc427 CYBUTEK Exclude release files.
7b84ec4 CYBUTEK Exclude release zip.
d98a6a9 CYBUTEK Implement build overlay.
c367416 CYBUTEK Implemented vessel and resources overlay panels.
967a451 CYBUTEK Implemented the part info tips overlay.
001a324 CYBUTEK Started implementing part information tooltips.
15553b9 CYBUTEK Organised the build process.
23e0fcd CYBUTEK Release
00cf7a5 CYBUTEK Fixed rendezvous bug.
b300637 CYBUTEK Release version 1.0.8
3fa7de7 CYBUTEK Fixed NullRef whilst loading the action menu.
227998c CYBUTEK Fixed an issue with deltaV not calculating in fli…
d4fc344 CYBUTEK Altered angle helper.
0cc21a4 CYBUTEK Added IntakeAir Usage readout.
937e933 CYBUTEK Update unit helpers.
44a1c44 CYBUTEK Added relatives speed/velocity & units helper.
dd6496b CYBUTEK Prep for release.
c3cc725 CYBUTEK Fixed bug where actual thrust does not update to …
c7c9b0d CYBUTEK Fixed issues with IntakeAir readouts.
82023f0 CYBUTEK Merge pull request #5 from Gerry1135/simvelocity
791e3dc Gerry1135 minor tweaks
f58101b Gerry1135 Fixes to make flight engineer use correct gravity…
6eb598a CYBUTEK Prep for 1.0.7 release.
16f457b CYBUTEK Added readouts.
e0be83b CYBUTEK Added TimeFormatter helper.
9e35825 CYBUTEK Fixed preset removal bug.
340f758 CYBUTEK Added reset button to GeeForce readout.
8c55e31 CYBUTEK Added readout line count and resize.
9779b92 CYBUTEK Clarify between equatorial and relative AN/DN.
d49cec1 CYBUTEK Added presets to the Flight Engineer.
47a6d40 CYBUTEK Added IntakeAir supply/demand readouts.
4274c60 CYBUTEK Updated simulation & added part count to overlay.
78b1a7f CYBUTEK Fixed phase angle.
d88c675 CYBUTEK Fixed large value wrap around.
d8fd61b CYBUTEK Prep
54c153a CYBUTEK Stock sections can be renamed, and custom ones hi…
6562937 CYBUTEK Added overlay tooltip info delay setting.
ab8495e CYBUTEK Added ascending/descending node readouts.
9265de7 CYBUTEK Added more verbose licensing.
ad6f6e6 CYBUTEK Fixed crlf issue
5ac2459 CYBUTEK Added orbital readouts, Time to AN/DN.
ba201bd CYBUTEK Fixed button not disabling when there is no avail…
6777ece CYBUTEK Created dedicated drop-down UI control, integrate…
da80b59 CYBUTEK Added dynamic readout categories.
feb8fc3 CYBUTEK Added acceleration readout.
058fcb5 CYBUTEK Fixed bug with the build engineer toolbar.
eb76e63 CYBUTEK Altered readout precision.
2d11098 CYBUTEK Prettyfied the reference body list.
1143631 CYBUTEK Redone action menu to better support the stock to…
393ef3e CYBUTEK Close bodies menu if mouse click off menu.
9531486 CYBUTEK Reference bodies button shows the selected body n…
ba87e2c CYBUTEK Added thanks to Teknoman117 in comments.
51f1a98 CYBUTEK New celestial body system and bundled MiniAVC.
48c089c CYBUTEK Merge teknoman's celestial body fix.
5919e60 CYBUTEK Use the official release MiniAVC.
77915e7 Nathaniel R. Lewis CelestialBodies.cs: Don't add the root body in th…
1a6da22 Nathaniel R. Lewis CelestialBodies.cs: Generate the bodies list by c…
c0d4688 CYBUTEK Packaged for 1.0.3
45c49c4 CYBUTEK Integrated KSP-AVC support with MiniAVC.
565e0ab CYBUTEK GUI tidy up.
335f863 CYBUTEK Added variable force formatting.
42ff423 CYBUTEK FAR support and burn times to delta-v readouts.
aa12cc9 CYBUTEK Simulation processor fixes.
614fa4e CYBUTEK Added simulation processor to fix flickering.
3104e34 CYBUTEK Fixed flickering in the editor.
f272952 CYBUTEK Added atmospheric force.
e8c0e24 CYBUTEK Packaged for 1.0.2.
7643ee7 CYBUTEK Flight Engineer centred on first start and defaul…
9325639 CYBUTEK Added cloneable readouts and separator module.
8843375 CYBUTEK Various fixes.
5ff6cdf CYBUTEK Merge pull request #1 from nosscire/master
157c6f7 CYBUTEK Added adjustable GUI display size.
7a53ede CYBUTEK Save/load compact collapse mode.
c95b891 Tallmyr Thrust calculated with minThrust
56537b9 CYBUTEK Added show button to Flight Engineer and Packaged…
be82483 CYBUTEK Added biome and slope readouts.
6d09cc6 CYBUTEK Added partless flight activation, compact right c…
5792bfd CYBUTEK Fixed bug when staging a KER part.
dcb21d4 CYBUTEK Refined the Logger system.
c35e7ea CYBUTEK Packaging for
b04f5d9 CYBUTEK Stock toolbar support.