Refactored creation of EngineSim objects to avoid passing 20 params to a function.
[VesselSimulator.git] / KerbalEngineer / Helpers / Units.cs
cybutek Eccentric Anomaly, Mean Anomaly and Mean Anomaly …
cybutek Changed torque to display with two decimal places…
cybutek Added 'Thermal' readouts category including:
cybutek Added 'Mach Number' readout.
Gerry1135 Added Units.toAngleDMS to generate correct DMS st…
cybutek Fixed errors to get KER running in 1.0 and editor…
cybutek Cleaned up comparison values.
cybutek Fixed large mass and cost formatting issue.
cybutek Added various readouts and updated vectored thrus…
Michael Ensslin Added Thrust Torque readout to Editor and Flight
CYBUTEK Fixed resource costs and costs with tweakscale.
CYBUTEK Implemented the part info tips overlay.
CYBUTEK Added IntakeAir Usage readout.
CYBUTEK Update unit helpers.
CYBUTEK Added relatives speed/velocity & units helper.