Changed default body to use Planetarium.Home
[VesselSimulator.git] / KerbalEngineer / CelestialBodies.cs
Gerry1135 Changed default body to use Planetarium.Home
cybutek Added mach scaling and flow modification based on…
cybutek Fixed errors to get KER running in 1.0 and editor…
CYBUTEK Added thanks to Teknoman117 in comments.
CYBUTEK New celestial body system and bundled MiniAVC.
Nathaniel R. Lewis CelestialBodies.cs: Don't add the root body in th…
Nathaniel R. Lewis CelestialBodies.cs: Generate the bodies list by c…
CYBUTEK Update header/license.
CYBUTEK Updated licensing information.
CYBUTEK Code cleanup.
CYBUTEK Selects a default body on initialisation.
CYBUTEK House keeping and licensing.