Added ascending/descending node readouts.
[VesselSimulator.git] / Output / KerbalEngineer / KerbalEngineer.dll
CYBUTEK Added ascending/descending node readouts.
CYBUTEK Fixed crlf issue
CYBUTEK Added orbital readouts, Time to AN/DN.
CYBUTEK Fixed button not disabling when there is no avail…
CYBUTEK Created dedicated drop-down UI control, integrate…
CYBUTEK Added dynamic readout categories.
CYBUTEK Added acceleration readout.
CYBUTEK Fixed bug with the build engineer toolbar.
CYBUTEK Altered readout precision.
CYBUTEK Prettyfied the reference body list.
CYBUTEK Redone action menu to better support the stock to…
CYBUTEK Close bodies menu if mouse click off menu.
CYBUTEK Reference bodies button shows the selected body n…
CYBUTEK Added thanks to Teknoman117 in comments.
CYBUTEK New celestial body system and bundled MiniAVC.
CYBUTEK Use the official release MiniAVC.
Nathaniel R. Lewis CelestialBodies.cs: Don't add the root body in th…
Nathaniel R. Lewis CelestialBodies.cs: Generate the bodies list by c…
CYBUTEK Packaged for 1.0.3
CYBUTEK Integrated KSP-AVC support with MiniAVC.
CYBUTEK GUI tidy up.
CYBUTEK Added variable force formatting.
CYBUTEK FAR support and burn times to delta-v readouts.
CYBUTEK Simulation processor fixes.
CYBUTEK Added simulation processor to fix flickering.
CYBUTEK Added atmospheric force.
CYBUTEK Packaged for 1.0.2.
CYBUTEK Flight Engineer centred on first start and defaul…
CYBUTEK Added cloneable readouts and separator module.
CYBUTEK Various fixes.
CYBUTEK Added adjustable GUI display size.
CYBUTEK Save/load compact collapse mode.
CYBUTEK Added show button to Flight Engineer and Packaged…
CYBUTEK Added biome and slope readouts.
CYBUTEK Added partless flight activation, compact right c…
CYBUTEK Fixed bug when staging a KER part.
CYBUTEK Refined the Logger system.
CYBUTEK Packaging for
CYBUTEK Stock toolbar support.
CYBUTEK Increased Orbital Period precision + fixes variou…
CYBUTEK Fixed sim bug and added sim delay readout control.
CYBUTEK Added pressure + velocity sliders.
CYBUTEK Changed windowId to object hash.
CYBUTEK Updated simulation logic.
CYBUTEK Change version display style.
CYBUTEK Fixed multiple windows after docking.
CYBUTEK Update header/license.
CYBUTEK Added stock toolbar support.
CYBUTEK Added ability to quick hide the flight engineer w…
CYBUTEK Bug in the readout formatting.
CYBUTEK Updated licensing information.
CYBUTEK Added IsDefault readout property.
CYBUTEK Added impact readouts.
CYBUTEK Added rendezvous readouts.
CYBUTEK Fixed bug where vessels were unsearchable.
CYBUTEK Moved GUI assets into PluginData folder.
CYBUTEK Added sim speed slider.
CYBUTEK Added maximum TWR.
CYBUTEK Full IUpdatable & IUpdateRequest integration with…
CYBUTEK Added more rendezvous readouts.
CYBUTEK Polished the updatable system.
CYBUTEK Fixed section resizing on atmosphere change.
CYBUTEK Switch from Self-Illumin to Unlit shader, as KSP …
CYBUTEK Included vessel simulation.
CYBUTEK Added relative inclination.
CYBUTEK Added orbital speed & fixed target selector resiz…
CYBUTEK Updated to use 0.23.5 properties.
CYBUTEK Added thrust to weight ratio.
CYBUTEK Added Isp, Mass & Thrust to Flight Engineer.
CYBUTEK Added deltaV readouts.
CYBUTEK Added readout help strings.
CYBUTEK Overhauled Flight Engineer
CYBUTEK Configured the display formatting.
CYBUTEK Implemented Padishar's simulation alterations.
CYBUTEK Code cleanup.
CYBUTEK Advanced build engineer shortcut to hide/show.
CYBUTEK Adjusted simulation parts list & atmospheric deta…
CYBUTEK Modified screen clamp formula.
CYBUTEK Fixed bug in atmospheric details.
CYBUTEK Added RCS thruster details to overlay.
CYBUTEK Added exception handler.
CYBUTEK Updated button and click-through.
CYBUTEK Compatibility with multi-mode engines.
CYBUTEK Implemented detaching sections into windows.
CYBUTEK GUI layout adjustment.
CYBUTEK Added target selector to rendezvous.
CYBUTEK Added control bar.
CYBUTEK Loading/Saving of sections.
CYBUTEK Added readout info display.
CYBUTEK Added move position buttons.
CYBUTEK Added edit system in flight engineer.
CYBUTEK Altered thrust column width in build advanced.
CYBUTEK Added vessel readouts.
CYBUTEK Fixed save/load null ref error.
CYBUTEK Fixed save/load null ref error.
CYBUTEK Added orbital readouts.
CYBUTEK Section saving now works.
CYBUTEK Added flight display and controller save/load fun…
CYBUTEK Basic section functionality implemented.
CYBUTEK Started flight display and implemented readouts.