Created wrapper for handling the Application Launcher buttons.
[VesselSimulator.git] / KerbalEngineer / Flight / Readouts / ReadoutModule.cs
cybutek Added 'Thermal' readouts category including:
CYBUTEK Fixed issue with HUD background when not displayi…
CYBUTEK Added HUD sections to the Flight Engineer.
CYBUTEK Added reset button to GeeForce readout.
CYBUTEK Added readout line count and resize.
CYBUTEK Fixed large value wrap around.
CYBUTEK Added acceleration readout.
CYBUTEK Added cloneable readouts and separator module.
CYBUTEK Added adjustable GUI display size.
CYBUTEK Update header/license.
CYBUTEK Updated licensing information.
CYBUTEK Added IsDefault readout property.
CYBUTEK Added deltaV readouts.
CYBUTEK Added readout help strings.
CYBUTEK Overhauled Flight Engineer