Modified no physics handling again to display mass in correct stage but still calculate torque correctly and cope correctly when a part's state changes due to staging
[VesselSimulator.git] / Output / KerbalEngineer / KerbalEngineer.dll
cybutek Prep
cybutek Separately staged fairing mass jettisons are now …
cybutek Prep
cybutek The build engineer now uses the InputLockManager …
cybutek Replaced code that was accidentally removed from …
cybutek Prep
cybutek Account for module mass in the editor as KSP 1.0.…
cybutek Optimised the BuildAdvanced class.
cybutek Optimised the BuildOverlayVessel and BuildOverlay…
cybutek Optimised the BuildOverlayPartInfo class.
cybutek PartInfoItem objects are now pooled.
cybutek Removed LINQ routines in the PartExtensions class.
cybutek Converted foreach into for loops in the Simulatio…
cybutek Fixed issue with null references being thrown whe…
cybutek Converted foreach into for loops in the PartSim c…
cybutek Physically insignificant part mass in now account…
cybutek AttachNodeSim objects are now pooled.
cybutek PartSim objects are now pooled.
cybutek EngineSim objects are now pooled.
cybutek Removed superfluous 'm/s' on the mach slider in t…
cybutek Prep release built on KSP 1.0.
cybutek Added mach scaling and flow modification based on…
cybutek Fixed atmospheric efficiency and terminal velocit…
cybutek Fixed thrust limiting and thrust calculations in …
cybutek Fixed errors to get KER running in 1.0 and editor…
Gerry1135 Sarbians changes to use object pooling and other …
cybutek Pulled some more of padishar's fixes and prepped …
cybutek Prep rebuild.
cybutek Fixed missing texture on the ER-7500 model.
cybutek Prep 1.0.14 release.
cybutek Fixed error loading ER-7500 part model.
cybutek Cleaned up comparison values.
cybutek Fixed large mass and cost formatting issue.
cybutek Added career mode limitations.
cybutek Fixed STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW resource disabling.
cybutek Added System Time readout.
cybutek Overlay tab's X position is now changable.
cybutek Updated version file.
cybutek FuelLines now go by the module, not the part type.
cybutek Updated for 0.90
cybutek Suicide burn now clamps to sea level.
cybutek Altitude (terrain) will no longer give a reading …
cybutek Fixed editor overlay loading and added heading/pi…
cybutek 1.0.12 release
cybutek Fixed some issues with the vessel simulation.
cybutek Added various readouts and updated vectored thrus…
cybutek Added thrust torque + angle by mic_e
CYBUTEK Changed conversions of Isp to exhaust velocity us…
CYBUTEK Fixed bug in manoeuvre node burn times.
CYBUTEK Prep for release.
CYBUTEK Enhanced editor data in the vessel tab and part c…
CYBUTEK Fixed the vanishing vessel tab in the editor.
CYBUTEK Prp for release.
CYBUTEK Fixed HUD readout spacing.
CYBUTEK Fixed issue with HUD background when not displayi…
CYBUTEK Fixed issue with separators in HUDs.
CYBUTEK Completed implementation of all basic manoeuvre n…
CYBUTEK Basic manoeuver node readouts implemented.
CYBUTEK Added manoeuver node radial readout.
CYBUTEK Presets now save HUDs correctly.
CYBUTEK Added DeltaV Current/Total readout.
CYBUTEK Fixed suicide burn display.
CYBUTEK Added situation readout.
CYBUTEK Fixed Current SOI readout whilst orbiting sun.
CYBUTEK Added current SOI readout.
CYBUTEK Prep for 1.0.10 release.
CYBUTEK HUD sections can now have a smoked background for…
CYBUTEK Changed default installed readouts.
CYBUTEK Added suicide burn readouts.
CYBUTEK Added HUD sections to the Flight Engineer.
CYBUTEK Fixed bug with editor locking.
CYBUTEK Fixed bug in phase angle calculations.
CYBUTEK Fixed the Flight Engineer not saving it's hidden …
CYBUTEK Added switch to target.
CYBUTEK Prep v1.0.9.3
CYBUTEK Compressed atmospheric settings in editor onto a …
CYBUTEK Atmos. Efficiency readout now shows as a percenta…
CYBUTEK Added atmospheric indicator to compact mode title.
CYBUTEK PartInfo overlay hidden when not in parts screen.
CYBUTEK Added vertical & horizontal acceleration readouts.
CYBUTEK Fixed vessel and resource overlay displays stayin…
CYBUTEK Getting ready for KSP v0.25.0
CYBUTEK Prettyfied Latitude and Longitude readouts.
CYBUTEK Fixed part size bug caused by TweakScale's cost c…
CYBUTEK Started implementation of the Control Centre.
CYBUTEK Prep release 1.0.9
CYBUTEK Fixed resource costs and costs with tweakscale.
CYBUTEK Implemented show/hide key bound shortcuts.
CYBUTEK Added surface thrust to weight readout.
CYBUTEK Vessel readouts now use ReadoutModule's automatic…
CYBUTEK Added current stage DeltaV readout.
CYBUTEK Exclude release files.
CYBUTEK Exclude release zip.
CYBUTEK Implement build overlay.
CYBUTEK Implemented vessel and resources overlay panels.
CYBUTEK Implemented the part info tips overlay.
CYBUTEK Started implementing part information tooltips.
CYBUTEK Organised the build process.