Added career mode limitations.
[VesselSimulator.git] / KerbalEngineer / Flight / Sections / SectionWindow.cs
cybutek Added career mode limitations.
CYBUTEK Fixed issue with HUD background when not displayi…
CYBUTEK HUD sections can now have a smoked background for…
CYBUTEK Added HUD sections to the Flight Engineer.
CYBUTEK Fixed crlf issue
CYBUTEK FAR support and burn times to delta-v readouts.
CYBUTEK Added adjustable GUI display size.
CYBUTEK Changed windowId to object hash.
CYBUTEK Changed windowId to Guid hash.
CYBUTEK Update header/license.
CYBUTEK Added ability to quick hide the flight engineer w…
CYBUTEK Updated licensing information.
CYBUTEK Overhauled Flight Engineer