GetStockSections has been made interface only, like the GetCustomSections function that returns a list of ISectionModule. Also added missing null check (should never be encountered but no harm in having robust code).
[VesselSimulator.git] / KerbalEngineer / Flight / FlightEngineerCore.cs
cybutek Flight Engineer displayability also takes into ac…
Gerry1135 Added calls to UpdateModSettings in relevant plac…
cybutek Added career mode limitations.
CYBUTEK Created dedicated drop-down UI control, integrate…
CYBUTEK Added dynamic readout categories.
CYBUTEK Added acceleration readout.
CYBUTEK Fixed bug when staging a KER part.
CYBUTEK Update header/license.
CYBUTEK Updated licensing information.
CYBUTEK Polished the updatable system.
CYBUTEK Added deltaV readouts.
CYBUTEK Overhauled Flight Engineer