Full IUpdatable & IUpdateRequest integration with padishar's simulation.
[VesselSimulator.git] / Output / KerbalEngineer / KerbalEngineer.dll
CYBUTEK Full IUpdatable & IUpdateRequest integration with…
CYBUTEK Added more rendezvous readouts.
CYBUTEK Polished the updatable system.
CYBUTEK Fixed section resizing on atmosphere change.
CYBUTEK Switch from Self-Illumin to Unlit shader, as KSP …
CYBUTEK Included vessel simulation.
CYBUTEK Added relative inclination.
CYBUTEK Added orbital speed & fixed target selector resiz…
CYBUTEK Updated to use 0.23.5 properties.
CYBUTEK Added thrust to weight ratio.
CYBUTEK Added Isp, Mass & Thrust to Flight Engineer.
CYBUTEK Added deltaV readouts.
CYBUTEK Added readout help strings.
CYBUTEK Overhauled Flight Engineer
CYBUTEK Configured the display formatting.
CYBUTEK Implemented Padishar's simulation alterations.
CYBUTEK Code cleanup.
CYBUTEK Advanced build engineer shortcut to hide/show.
CYBUTEK Adjusted simulation parts list & atmospheric deta…
CYBUTEK Modified screen clamp formula.
CYBUTEK Fixed bug in atmospheric details.
CYBUTEK Added RCS thruster details to overlay.
CYBUTEK Added exception handler.
CYBUTEK Updated button and click-through.
CYBUTEK Compatibility with multi-mode engines.
CYBUTEK Implemented detaching sections into windows.
CYBUTEK GUI layout adjustment.
CYBUTEK Added target selector to rendezvous.
CYBUTEK Added control bar.
CYBUTEK Loading/Saving of sections.
CYBUTEK Added readout info display.
CYBUTEK Added move position buttons.
CYBUTEK Added edit system in flight engineer.
CYBUTEK Altered thrust column width in build advanced.
CYBUTEK Added vessel readouts.
CYBUTEK Fixed save/load null ref error.
CYBUTEK Fixed save/load null ref error.
CYBUTEK Added orbital readouts.
CYBUTEK Section saving now works.
CYBUTEK Added flight display and controller save/load fun…
CYBUTEK Basic section functionality implemented.
CYBUTEK Started flight display and implemented readouts.
CYBUTEK FlightController ready for functionality implemen…
CYBUTEK Started implementation of the flight engineer con…
CYBUTEK Polished tooltips and implemented extended inform…
CYBUTEK Implemented the build overlay.
CYBUTEK Selects a default body on initialisation.
CYBUTEK Added summary comments.
CYBUTEK House keeping and licensing.