Fixed error loading ER-7500 part model.
Fixed error loading ER-7500 part model.

--- a/Documents/CHANGES.txt
+++ b/Documents/CHANGES.txt
@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@
     Changed: Editor Overlay Tabs start position moved over as to not overlap the parts menu.
     Fixed: Bug where STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW resources would not be corrently disabled/enabled.
     Fixed: Issue with the formatting large Mass and Cost values.
+    Fixed: Error when loading the Engineer7500 part model., 16-12-2014
     Fixed: Issue with manoeuvre node readouts and low tier tracking station.

 Binary files a/Output/KerbalEngineer/KerbalEngineer.dll and b/Output/KerbalEngineer/KerbalEngineer.dll differ
 Binary files /dev/null and b/Output/KerbalEngineer/Parts/Engineer7500/model000.mbm differ
 Binary files a/Output/KerbalEngineer/Parts/Engineer7500/textures/model000.mbm and /dev/null differ