Update change log with missing changes.
Update change log with missing changes.

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+, 2016-04-19, KSP Build #1230
     Added: Altitude (terrain) readout now shows the altitude above underwater terrain when splashed down.
     Added: Usage of the stock IPartMassModifier for handling the modifying of part module staged mass.
+    Added: Support for thrustTranformMultipliers
     Changed: Fairing specific mass adjustments now make use of the generic staged mass modifier implementation.
     Changed: App launcher button handling works with KSP build 1205 changes.
+    Changed: Impact lat/long readouts to use DMS form.
     Fixed: Log spam and physics issue caused when using the EngineerChip part due to a convex mesh collider (now uses a box collider).
     Fixed: Issues with the disabling/enabling of the toolbar app launcher button in flight when in career mode.
+    Fixed: Bug with impact calculations., 2016-04-01, KSP Build #1179
     Fixed: Heat shields acting as staged decouplers when not set to be staged.