Updated change log to reflect pulled changes.
Updated change log to reflect pulled changes.

--- a/Documents/CHANGES.txt
+++ b/Documents/CHANGES.txt
@@ -1,6 +1,12 @@
+    Added: Added current vessel name readout. (antplant)
+    Added: 'Relative Radial Velocity' and 'Time To Rendezvous' readouts. (itwtx)
+    Added: Readout help strings. (harryyoung)
     Changed: The 'Torque' value in the editor is now precise to two decimal places.
+    Fixed: Optimised time formatting. (itwtx)
+    Fixed: TimeToAtmosphere checks that the Apoapsis is outside atmosphere. (Kerbas-ad-astra)
+    Fixed: Issue with stage priority flow. Caused Rapier calculations to fail if LF and O are drawn from different tanks. (Padishar)
     Added: Orbital readouts - "Speed at Periapsis" and "Speed at Apoapsis". (Padishar)
     Added: Manoeuvre readouts - "Post-burn Apoapsis" and "Post-burn Periapsis". (Padishar)

--- a/KerbalEngineer/Flight/Readouts/Orbital/ManoeuvreNode/PostBurnApoapsis.cs
+++ b/KerbalEngineer/Flight/Readouts/Orbital/ManoeuvreNode/PostBurnApoapsis.cs
@@ -37,7 +37,6 @@
             this.Name = "Post-burn Apoapsis";
             this.Category = ReadoutCategory.GetCategory("Orbital");
             this.HelpString = "Farthest point of the vessel's ofbit after the burn.";
-            this.HelpString = String.Empty;
             this.IsDefault = false;

 Binary files a/Output/KerbalEngineer/Textures/Thumbs.db and /dev/null differ