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+	Fixed: Bug which caused rendezvous readouts to freeze the game or show all zeros.
+    Added: New readouts to the vessel category:
+        - Intake Air (Usage)
+    Added: New readouts to the rendezvous category:
+        - Relative Velocity
+        - Relative Speed
+    Fixed: An issue where deltaV would not be calculated whilst flying.
+    Fixed: NullRef whilst loading the in flight Action Menu.
+    Changed: Reversed Intake Air readout from 'S/D' to 'D/S' for easier reading.
+    Changed: Increased Intake Air readout precision to 4 decimal places.
+    Fixed: Issue where Intake Air supply was not representative of total supply.
+    Fixed: Bug where actual thrust does not reset to zero on deactivated engines.
+    Fixed: Thrust now scales with velocity for atmospheric engines. (Padishar's fix)
+    Added: Part count information to the Build Engineer.
+    Added: Reset button to the G-Force readout.
+    Added: Preset system to the Flight Engineer.
+    Added: New stock presets:
+        - Orbital
+        - Surface
+        - Vessel
+        - Rendezvous
+    Added: New readouts to the orbital category:
+        - True Anomaly
+        - Eccentric Anomaly
+        - Mean Anomaly
+        - Argument of Periapsis
+        - Angle to Prograde
+        - Angle to Retrograde
+    Added: New readouts to the vessel category:
+        - Intake Air (Demand)
+        - Intake Air (Supply)
+        - Intake Air (Supply/Demand)
+    Added: New readouts to the rendezvous category.
+        - Semi-major Axis
+        - Semi-minor Axis
+    Added: Time formatter which can show time as referenced by any celestial body.
+    Added: New readouts to the miscellaneous category:
+        - Time Reference Adjuster
+    Changed: Moved Sim Delay readout into the Miscellaneous category.
+    Changed: Updated MiniAVC to v1.0.2.3.
+    Fixed: Issues with large value wrap around in the Flight Engineer.
+    Fixed: Bug in the phase angle calculation.
+    Added: Time and Angle to equatorial ascending/descending nodes in the orbital display.
+    Added: Time and Angle to relative ascending/descending nodes in the rendezvous display.
+    Added: Overlay tooltip information delay adjustment slider to the Build Engineer settings.
+    Added: Ability to rename the stock displays in the Flight Engineer.
+    Changed: Build Engineer is now hidden when not in parts view.
+    Changed: Custom display panels will only show in the control bar if an abbreviation is set.
+    Changed: Licensing and readme structures are now more verbose to satisfy the new add-on rules.
+    Fixed: Updated MiniAVC to v1.0.2.1 (fixes remote check bug as well as other minor bugs).
+    Added: Acceleration readout to the Vessel category (current / maximum).
+    Added: Category library system for the Flight Engineer readouts.
+    Added: Drop-down category selection to better support the new system.
+    Changed: Misc category now called Miscellaneous (this will cause previously added readouts from this category to vanish).
+    Fixed: Bug with the Build Engineer toolbar button.
+    Fixed: Some buggyness when trying to close the bodies drop-down in the Build Engineer via the button.
+    Fixed: Flight Engineer toolbar menu now hides when hiding the GUI with F2.
+    Fixed: Flight Engineer toolbar button now disables when in module mode and no engineer is running.
+    Added: Better stock toolbar support in the flight engineer.
+    Added: Dynamically generated celestial body library for supporting add-ons that modify the star system.
+    Changed: Reference bodies are now listed with a nestable menu system.
+    Changed: Extended logging system has been improved.
+    Changed: Swapped out integrated MiniAVC in place of the official bundle version.
+    Changed: Increased general distance precision to 1 decimal place.
+    Changed: Increased Semi-major/minor axis precision to 3 decimal places.
+    Fixed: Impact altitude was mistakenly formatted as an angle, it is now formatted correctly as a distance.
+    Added: Integrated KSP-AVC support with MiniAVC.
+    Added: Setting to change the simulation delay in the Build Engineer.
+    Added: Setting to enable and disable the build overlay system.
+    Added: Burn time to Delta-V readouts.
+    Added: Atmospheric readouts fully support FAR.
+    Added: Atmospheric readouts are disabled with NEAR.
+    Changed: Force formatting inversely scales decimal precision with value.
+    Fixed: Flickering in VAB and Vessel display.
+    Fixed: Bug saving the GUI display size.
+    Added: Separator readout module under Misc in the Flight Engineer.
+    Added: Adjustable GUI display size.
+    Added: Display size can be adjusted in the Build Engineer settings.
+    Added: Misc readout for adjusting display size in the Flight Engineer.
+    Changed: The rendezvous readout for the target's Orbital Period has higher precision.
+    Fixed: White toolbar icon by manually importing the texture if it cannot be found in the game database.
+    Fixed: Engines that have a minimum thrust are now calculated properly. (Thanks to nosscire.)
+    Fixed: Compact collapse mode is now saved in the Build Engineer.
+    Added: Part-less Flight Engineer.
+    Added: Ability to collapse the Build Engineer into compact mode from left or right.
+    Added: Settings in Build Engineer for compact collapse mode and partless/module Flight Engineer.
+    Added: Biome, Impact Biome and Slope readouts.
+    Added: Extra logging and exception handling.
+    Added: The original Engineer Chip part.
+    Added: "Show Engineer" toggle on the Flight Engineer toolbar.
+    Changed: Extended logging system now also writes to the standard KSP logs.
+    Changed: Extended logging saves next to the .dll file.
+    Changed: ER7500 part has no physical significance.
+    Fixed: ActionMenu and DisplayStack destruction bug.
+    Added: Stock toolbar support in the Flight Engineer.
+    Changed: Orbital Period has higher precision.
+    Fixed: Various NullRefs in editor window and overlay.
+    Initial release for public testing.