Added mach scaling and flow modification based on velocity and atmospheric curves.
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+, 26-04-2015, KSP Build #828
+    Merged Sarbian's mach adjustments.
+    Fixed bugs relating to thrust and atmosphere/velocity curves.
+    Changed the atmospheric slider on the Build Engineer to work based on altitude.
+    Changed the atmospheric slider to clamp to the maximum altitude for the selected body.
+    Changed the velocity slider to clamp to the maximum usable mach value for the current vessel.
+, 25-04-2015, KSP Build #821
+    Fixed errors relating to KSP 1.0 update.
+    Fixed fuel simulation to account for new thrust system.
+    Fixed atmospheric engines to use the new velocity curve.
+    Fixed atmospheric readouts to work with the new atmospheric model.
+, 13-02-2015
     Padishar's Fixes:
         Fixed: Calculation of per-stage resource mass.