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+    Fixed: Heatshields acting as staged decouplers when not set to be staged.
+, 30-03-16
+    Added: Asset bundle loading and integration.
+    Added: Styling system so that Unity UI objects can use KSP stock styles.
+    Added: Unity UI window system.
+    Changed: Thermal flux is now correctly indicated in kilowatts.
+    Changed: Complete rewrite of code underpinning the stock toolbar icons.
+    Changed: Flight Engineer toolbar menu recreated using Unity UI.
+    Changed: Replaced occurances of IMGUI using RenderingManager to use OnGUI directly.
+    Fixed: Toggling the 'Control Bar' now appropriately resizes the display stack.
+    Fixed: Part info tooltips in the editor remaining open when no part is selected.
+, 12-02-16
+    Fixed: Only 'STAGE_STACK_FLOW' and 'STAGE_STACK_FLOW_BALANCE' resources include surface mounted parts as fuel targets.
+    Fixed: Fairing mass being doubled in the VAB (removed workaround for a KSP bug which has been fixed).
+, 09-02-16
+    Fixed: Fuel cross-feed from surface attached parts.
+, 19-11-15
+    Rebuild for KSP silent update.
+, 09-11-15
+    Added: Key binding editor accessible under 'Settings' on the Build Engineer.
+    Added: Added current vessel name readout. (antplant)
+    Added: 'Relative Radial Velocity' and 'Time To Rendezvous' readouts. (itwtx)
+    Added: Readout help strings. (harryyoung)
+    Changed: The 'Torque' value in the editor is now precise to two decimal places.
+    Changed: Time formatting reference (Kerbin/Earth) is now based on the in-game setting.
+    Changed: Eccentric Anomaly, Mean Anomaly and Mean Anomaly At Epoc now display in degrees rather than radians.
+    Fixed: Optimised time formatting. (itwtx)
+    Fixed: TimeToAtmosphere checks that the Apoapsis is outside atmosphere. (Kerbas-ad-astra)
+    Fixed: Issue with stage priority flow. Caused Rapier calculations to fail if LF and O are drawn from different tanks. (Padishar)
+    Fixed: Issue with angle to prograde/retrograde calculations on highly inclined orbits.
+    Fixed: Editor input locks not being reset when a scene change is forced (e.g. via Kerbal Construction Time).
+    Fixed: Roll axis readout now shows the correct sign.
+    Removed: Time Formatter readout as it's not required anymore.
     Added: Orbital readouts - "Speed at Periapsis" and "Speed at Apoapsis". (Padishar)
     Added: Manoeuvre readouts - "Post-burn Apoapsis" and "Post-burn Periapsis". (Padishar)