Added atmospheric indicator to compact mode title.
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+    Added: Orbital readouts - "Speed at Periapsis" and "Speed at Apoapsis". (Padishar)
+    Added: Manoeuvre readouts - "Post-burn Apoapsis" and "Post-burn Periapsis". (Padishar)
+    Fixed: Synched the minimum simulation time sliders and stopped them from snapping back after 999ms. (saybur)
+    Fixed: Added workaround for the bug in Vessel.horizontalSrfSpeed (Padishar)
+    Fixed: Physically insignificant part masses were not correctly being cascaded down through its parents.
+    Added: 'Mach Number' readout under the 'Surface' category and included it on the default surface HUD.
+    Added: Stock sections in the Flight Engineer can now become HUDs.
+    Added 'Thermal' readouts category including:
+        Internal Flux
+        Convection Flux
+        Radiation Flux
+        Critical Part Name
+        Critical Part Temperature
+        Critical Part Skin Temperature
+        Critical Part Thermal Percentage of Max Temperature
+        Hottest Part Name
+        Hottest Part Temperature
+        Hottest Part Skin Temperature
+        Coldest Part Name
+        Coldest Part Temperature
+        Coldest Part Skin Temperature
+    Changed: Mach on the Build Engineer now accurate to 2 decimal places.
+    Changed: Max mach in the Build Engineer defaults to 1.00 even when no jet engines are present.
+    Changed: Increased eccentricity readout to 5 decimal places.
+    Changed: Implemented Sarbian's object pooling.
+    Changed: The default selected body is now assigned via 'Planitarium.Home'.
+    Changed: HUDs to clamp fully inside the screen instead of allowing them to run off the edge by a certain amount.
+    Fixed: Physically insignificant part mass is now associated with the parent part.
+    Fixed: Longitude and Latitude readouts now use a KER formatter instead of Squad's incorrect implementation.
+    Fixed: Possible null reference in the Rendezvous Processor.
+    Fixed: Fairing mass issues introduced with regards to simulation changes.
+    Fixed: Use of per-propellant fuel flow mode override.
+    Fixed: Burn times calculated for jet engines.
+    Fixed: Thrust issues introduced with Sarbian's simulation alterations.
+    Fixed: Issue where HUDs positioned close to the top/bottom of the screen could be pushed out of position.
+, 02-05-15
+    Fixed: Separately staged fairing mass jettisons are now calculated in the editor.
+, 02-05-2015
+    Fixed: Delta-V not being correctly calculated.
+    Changed: Editor locking now uses the InputLockManager.
+, 01-05-2015
+    Fixed: Physically insignificant part mass is now accounted for.
+    Changed: Module mass accounted for as it now makes its way onto the launch pad (e.g. fairings).
+    Various optimisations:
+        Object pooling.
+        Removed LINQ expressions.
+        Converted foreach to for loops.
+, 27-04-2015
+    Fixed issue with the toolbar icons not being created.
+    Removed superfluous 'm/s' on the mach slider in the build engineer.
+, 27-04-2015
+    Changed the atmospheric slider on the build engineer to default to 0km when changing bodies.
+, 26-04-2015, KSP Build #828
+    Merged Sarbian's mach adjustments.
+    Fixed bugs relating to thrust and atmosphere/velocity curves.
+    Changed the atmospheric slider on the Build Engineer to work based on altitude.
+    Changed the atmospheric slider to clamp to the maximum altitude for the selected body.
+    Changed the velocity slider to clamp to the maximum usable mach value for the current vessel.
+, 25-04-2015, KSP Build #821
+    Fixed errors relating to KSP 1.0 update.
+    Fixed fuel simulation to account for new thrust system.
+    Fixed atmospheric engines to use the new velocity curve.
+    Fixed atmospheric readouts to work with the new atmospheric model.
+, 13-02-2015
+    Padishar's Fixes:
+        Fixed: Calculation of per-stage resource mass.
+, 13-02-2015
+    Rebuild
+, 08-02-2015
+    Padishar's Fixes:
+        Added: Support KIDS ISP thrust correction.
+        Fixed: Log spam for stage priority mode.
+        Fixed: Locked tanks preventing simulation from staging.
+        Fixed: No flow and all vessel modes to respect flow states.
+, 28-12-2014
+    Fixed: Missing texture on the ER-7500 model.
+, 28-12-2014
+    Added: Career mode that limits the Flight Engineer by:
+        - Requiring an Engineer Kerbal of any level, or placement of an Engineer Chip or ER-7500 part.
+        - Tracking station level 3 enables Flight Engineer everywhere.
+    Added: New readouts to the orbital category:
+        - Mean Anomaly at Epoc
+    Added: New readouts to the miscellaneous category:
+        - System Time
+    Added: Editor Overlay Tab's X position is now changable in the BuildOverlay.xml settings file.
+    Changed: Editor Overlay Tabs start position moved over as to not overlap the parts menu.
+    Fixed: Bug where STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW resources would not be corrently disabled/enabled.
+    Fixed: Issue with the formatting large Mass and Cost values.
+    Fixed: Error when loading the Engineer7500 part model.
+, 16-12-2014
+    Fixed: Issue with manoeuvre node readouts and low tier tracking station.
+, 16-12-2014
+    Updated for KSP version 0.90
+    Added: New readouts to the vessel category:
+        - Heading Rate
+        - Pitch Rate
+        - Roll Rate
+    Changed: Simulation to look for fuel lines that use CModuleFuelLine module.
+    Fixed: Editor Overlay now loads the saved visibility value properly.
+    Fixed: Altitude (Terrain) will no longer give a reading below sea level.
+    Fixed: Suicide burn now uses radar altitude that clamps to sea level.
+, 01-12-2014
+    Added: Setting in Build Engineer to enable/disable vectored thrust calculations.
+    Added: Thrust torque field in Build Engineer (courtesy of mic_e).
+    Added: New readouts to the vessel category:
+        - Thrust Offset Angle (courtesy of mic_e)
+        - Thrust Torque (courtesy of mic_e)
+        - Part Count:  stage/total
+        - Heading
+        - Pitch
+        - Roll
+    Added: New readouts to the surface category:
+        - Situation
+    Added: New readouts to the miscellaneous category:
+        - Vectored Thrust Toggle
+    Fixed: The category selection within the section editors now do not always reset back to 'Orbital'.
+    Fixed: Issue where the vessel simulation can sometimes permanently freeze.
+    Fixed: Issue where the vessel simulation would not show updates when the delay was set lower than the frame rate.
+, 11-11-2014
+    Changed: Gravity measurements for Isp to 9.82.
+, 10-11-2014
+    Changed: Gravity measurements for Isp calculations from 9.81 to 9.8066 for accuracy.
+    Changed: Manoeuvre node burn times are now more accurate.
+    Fixed: Bug in the manoeuvre node burn time calculations where it was not averaging acceleration correctly.
+, 07-11-2014
+    Changed: Build Engineer now shows stage part count as well as total.
+    Changed: Build Overlay Vessel tab data:
+        DeltaV: stage / total
+        Mass:   stage / total
+        TWR:    start (max)   <- shows for bottom stage only.
+        Parts:  stage / total
+    Fixed: Issue with the vessel tab vanishing from the editor.
+, 06-11-2014
+    Added: New readouts to the orbital category:
+        - Current SOI
+        - Manoeuvre Node DeltaV (Prograde)
+        - Manoeuvre Node DeltaV (Normal)
+        - Manoeuvre Node DeltaV (Radial)
+        - Manoeuvre Node DeltaV (Total)
+        - Manoeuvre Node Burn Time
+        - Manoeuvre Node Half Burn Time
+        - Manoeuvre Node Angle to Prograde
+        - Manoeuvre Node Angle to Retrograde
+        - Time to Manoeuvre Node
+        - Time to Manoeuvre Burn
+    Added: Readout help strings by ClassyJakey.
+    Fixed: Issue with separators in HUDs.
+    Fixed: Issue with HUDs with backgrounds that have no displayed lines.
+    Padishar's Fixes:
+        Fixed: Issue with multicouplers when attached to parent by bottom node.
+        Fixed: Issue with sepratrons on solid rocket boosters.
+, 19-10-2014
+    UPDATE NOTICE: If you are updating from a previous version of Kerbal Engineer 1.0, please
+    delete the 'Settings/SectionLibrary.xml' file, or remove the old install first.  This will
+    reset the Flight Engineer sections to their default values and enable the new HUD functionality.
+    Added: New reaouts to the vessel category:
+        - Suicide Burn Altitude (height above terrain to start burn)
+        - Suicide Burn Distance (distance to suicide burn altitude)
+        - Suicide Burn DeltaV (velocity change required to zero vertical speed)
+        *** F5 for safety and use at your own risk! ***
+    Added: HUD type sections to the Flight Engineer.
+    Added: HUD sections can have a smoked background for easy visibility.
+    Added: 'Switch to Target' button on the Target Selector readout.
+    Changed: The default installed readouts to reduce new user brain melt.
+    Fixed: Flight Engineer not saving its hidden state.
+    Fixed: Bug in the phase angle calculations.
+    Fixed: Bug where the Build Engineer would stay locked after hiding with the shortcut key.
+, 08-10-2014
     Added: Title of the build engineer in compact mode now shows if you are using atmospheric data.
     Added: New readout to the surface category:
         - Vertical Acceleration
         - Horizontal Acceleration
+    Changed: Atmospheric efficiency readout now shows as a percentage.
+    Changed: Atmospheric settings (pressure/velocity) in the editor condensed onto a single line.
     Fixed: Bug where the overlays in the editor would stay open outside of parts screen.
+, 07-10-2014
     Updated for KSP v0.25.0
     Changed: Prettyfied Latitude and Longitude readouts.
     Changed: ModuleLandingGear now uses the physical significance flag.
     Changed: Updated MiniAVC to
+, 17-09-2014
     Fixed: Part size bug caused by TweakScale's cost calculator.
+, 15-09-2014
     Added: Build Engineer now also implements the '\' backslash show/hide shortcut.
     Added: New readouts to the vessel category:
         - Current Stage DeltaV
@@ -33,10 +242,10 @@
     Fixed: Cost calculation now works with mods implementing IPartCostModifier.
+, 06-09-2014
     Fixed: Bug which caused rendezvous readouts to freeze the game or show all zeros.
+, 06-09-2014
     Added: New readouts to the vessel category:
         - Intake Air (Usage)
@@ -47,14 +256,14 @@
     Fixed: An issue where deltaV would not be calculated whilst flying.
     Fixed: NullRef whilst loading the in flight Action Menu.
+, 02-09-2014
     Changed: Reversed Intake Air readout from 'S/D' to 'D/S' for easier reading.
     Changed: Increased Intake Air readout precision to 4 decimal places.
     Fixed: Issue where Intake Air supply was not representative of total supply.
     Fixed: Bug where actual thrust does not reset to zero on deactivated engines.
     Fixed: Thrust now scales with velocity for atmospheric engines. (Padishar's fix)
+, 01-09-2014
     Added: Part count information to the Build Engineer.
     Added: Reset button to the G-Force readout.
     Added: Preset system to the Flight Engineer.
@@ -90,7 +299,7 @@
     Fixed: Issues with large value wrap around in the Flight Engineer.
     Fixed: Bug in the phase angle calculation.
+, 23-08-2014
     Added: Time and Angle to equatorial ascending/descending nodes in the orbital display.
     Added: Time and Angle to relative ascending/descending nodes in the rendezvous display.
     Added: Overlay tooltip information delay adjustment slider to the Build Engineer settings.
@@ -100,7 +309,7 @@
     Changed: Licensing and readme structures are now more verbose to satisfy the new add-on rules.
     Fixed: Updated MiniAVC to v1.0.2.1 (fixes remote check bug as well as other minor bugs).
+, 13-08-2014
     Added: Acceleration readout to the Vessel category (current / maximum).
     Added: Category library system for the Flight Engineer readouts.
     Added: Drop-down category selection to better support the new system.
@@ -110,7 +319,7 @@
     Fixed: Flight Engineer toolbar menu now hides when hiding the GUI with F2.
     Fixed: Flight Engineer toolbar button now disables when in module mode and no engineer is running.
+, 12-08-2014
     Added: Better stock toolbar support in the flight engineer.
     Added: Dynamically generated celestial body library for supporting add-ons that modify the star system.
     Changed: Reference bodies are now listed with a nestable menu system.
@@ -120,7 +329,7 @@
     Changed: Increased Semi-major/minor axis precision to 3 decimal places.
     Fixed: Impact altitude was mistakenly formatted as an angle, it is now formatted correctly as a distance.
+, 30-07-2014
     Added: Integrated KSP-AVC support with MiniAVC.
     Added: Setting to change the simulation delay in the Build Engineer.
     Added: Setting to enable and disable the build overlay system.
@@ -131,7 +340,7 @@
     Fixed: Flickering in VAB and Vessel display.
     Fixed: Bug saving the GUI display size.
+, 27-07-2014
     Added: Separator readout module under Misc in the Flight Engineer.
     Added: Adjustable GUI display size.
     Added: Display size can be adjusted in the Build Engineer settings.
@@ -141,7 +350,7 @@
     Fixed: Engines that have a minimum thrust are now calculated properly. (Thanks to nosscire.)
     Fixed: Compact collapse mode is now saved in the Build Engineer.
+, 26-07-2014
     Added: Part-less Flight Engineer.
     Added: Ability to collapse the Build Engineer into compact mode from left or right.
     Added: Settings in Build Engineer for compact collapse mode and partless/module Flight Engineer.
@@ -154,10 +363,11 @@
     Changed: ER7500 part has no physical significance.
     Fixed: ActionMenu and DisplayStack destruction bug.
+, 24-07-2014
     Added: Stock toolbar support in the Flight Engineer.
     Changed: Orbital Period has higher precision.
     Fixed: Various NullRefs in editor window and overlay.
+, 24-07-2014
     Initial release for public testing.