Atmospheric efficiency readout is no longer a default readout as it's now relatively useless with the new atmospheric model.
[VesselSimulator.git] / Documents / CHANGES.txt
cybutek 1
2 Changed: Mach on the Build Engineer now accurate to 2 decimal places.
3 Changed: Max mach in the Build Engineer defaults to 1.00 even when no jet engines are present.
4 Changed: Increased eccentricity readout to 5 decimal places.
5 Changed: Implemented Sarbian's object pooling.
6 Fixed: Physically insignificant part mass is now associated with the parent part.
7 Fixed: Longitude and Latitude readouts now use a KER formatter instead of Squad's incorrect implementation.
8 Fixed: Possible null reference in the Rendezvous Processor.
cybutek 11, 02-05-15
12 Fixed: Separately staged fairing mass jettisons are now calculated in the editor.
cybutek 14, 02-05-2015
15 Fixed: Delta-V not being correctly calculated.
16 Changed: Editor locking now uses the InputLockManager.
cybutek 18, 01-05-2015
19 Fixed: Physically insignificant part mass is now accounted for.
20 Changed: Module mass accounted for as it now makes its way onto the launch pad (e.g. fairings).
22 Various optimisations:
23 Object pooling.
24 Removed LINQ expressions.
25 Converted foreach to for loops.
cybutek 27, 27-04-2015
28 Fixed issue with the toolbar icons not being created.
29 Removed superfluous 'm/s' on the mach slider in the build engineer.
cybutek 31, 27-04-2015
32 Changed the atmospheric slider on the build engineer to default to 0km when changing bodies.
cybutek 34, 26-04-2015, KSP Build #828
35 Merged Sarbian's mach adjustments.
36 Fixed bugs relating to thrust and atmosphere/velocity curves.
37 Changed the atmospheric slider on the Build Engineer to work based on altitude.
38 Changed the atmospheric slider to clamp to the maximum altitude for the selected body.
39 Changed the velocity slider to clamp to the maximum usable mach value for the current vessel.
41, 25-04-2015, KSP Build #821
42 Fixed errors relating to KSP 1.0 update.
43 Fixed fuel simulation to account for new thrust system.
44 Fixed atmospheric engines to use the new velocity curve.
45 Fixed atmospheric readouts to work with the new atmospheric model.
cybutek 47, 13-02-2015
48 Padishar's Fixes:
49 Fixed: Calculation of per-stage resource mass.
cybutek 51, 13-02-2015
52 Rebuild
54, 08-02-2015
55 Padishar's Fixes:
56 Added: Support KIDS ISP thrust correction.
57 Fixed: Log spam for stage priority mode.
58 Fixed: Locked tanks preventing simulation from staging.
59 Fixed: No flow and all vessel modes to respect flow states.
cybutek 61, 28-12-2014
62 Fixed: Missing texture on the ER-7500 model.
cybutek 64, 28-12-2014
cybutek 65 Added: Career mode that limits the Flight Engineer by:
66 - Requiring an Engineer Kerbal of any level, or placement of an Engineer Chip or ER-7500 part.
67 - Tracking station level 3 enables Flight Engineer everywhere.
cybutek 69 Added: New readouts to the orbital category:
70 - Mean Anomaly at Epoc
cybutek 72 Added: New readouts to the miscellaneous category:
cybutek 73 - System Time
cybutek 74
cybutek 75 Added: Editor Overlay Tab's X position is now changable in the BuildOverlay.xml settings file.
cybutek 76 Changed: Editor Overlay Tabs start position moved over as to not overlap the parts menu.
cybutek 77 Fixed: Bug where STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW resources would not be corrently disabled/enabled.
cybutek 78 Fixed: Issue with the formatting large Mass and Cost values.
cybutek 79 Fixed: Error when loading the Engineer7500 part model.
cybutek 80
81, 16-12-2014
82 Fixed: Issue with manoeuvre node readouts and low tier tracking station.
84, 16-12-2014
85 Updated for KSP version 0.90
cybutek 86
cybutek 87 Added: New readouts to the vessel category:
88 - Heading Rate
89 - Pitch Rate
90 - Roll Rate
cybutek 92 Changed: Simulation to look for fuel lines that use CModuleFuelLine module.
cybutek 93 Fixed: Editor Overlay now loads the saved visibility value properly.
cybutek 94 Fixed: Altitude (Terrain) will no longer give a reading below sea level.
cybutek 95 Fixed: Suicide burn now uses radar altitude that clamps to sea level.
cybutek 96
cybutek 97, 01-12-2014
cybutek 98 Added: Setting in Build Engineer to enable/disable vectored thrust calculations.
99 Added: Thrust torque field in Build Engineer (courtesy of mic_e).
100 Added: New readouts to the vessel category:
101 - Thrust Offset Angle (courtesy of mic_e)
102 - Thrust Torque (courtesy of mic_e)
103 - Part Count: stage/total
104 - Heading
105 - Pitch
106 - Roll
108 Added: New readouts to the surface category:
109 - Situation
111 Added: New readouts to the miscellaneous category:
112 - Vectored Thrust Toggle
114 Fixed: The category selection within the section editors now do not always reset back to 'Orbital'.
115 Fixed: Issue where the vessel simulation can sometimes permanently freeze.
116 Fixed: Issue where the vessel simulation would not show updates when the delay was set lower than the frame rate.
cybutek 117
CYBUTEK 118, 11-11-2014
119 Changed: Gravity measurements for Isp to 9.82.
CYBUTEK 121, 10-11-2014
122 Changed: Gravity measurements for Isp calculations from 9.81 to 9.8066 for accuracy.
123 Changed: Manoeuvre node burn times are now more accurate.
124 Fixed: Bug in the manoeuvre node burn time calculations where it was not averaging acceleration correctly.
CYBUTEK 126, 07-11-2014
CYBUTEK 127 Changed: Build Engineer now shows stage part count as well as total.
128 Changed: Build Overlay Vessel tab data:
129 DeltaV: stage / total
130 Mass: stage / total
131 TWR: start (max) <- shows for bottom stage only.
132 Parts: stage / total
CYBUTEK 134 Fixed: Issue with the vessel tab vanishing from the editor.
136, 06-11-2014
CYBUTEK 137 Added: New readouts to the orbital category:
138 - Current SOI
CYBUTEK 139 - Manoeuvre Node DeltaV (Prograde)
140 - Manoeuvre Node DeltaV (Normal)
141 - Manoeuvre Node DeltaV (Radial)
142 - Manoeuvre Node DeltaV (Total)
143 - Manoeuvre Node Burn Time
144 - Manoeuvre Node Half Burn Time
145 - Manoeuvre Node Angle to Prograde
146 - Manoeuvre Node Angle to Retrograde
147 - Time to Manoeuvre Node
148 - Time to Manoeuvre Burn
150 Added: Readout help strings by ClassyJakey.
CYBUTEK 152 Fixed: Issue with separators in HUDs.
CYBUTEK 153 Fixed: Issue with HUDs with backgrounds that have no displayed lines.
CYBUTEK 155 Padishar's Fixes:
156 Fixed: Issue with multicouplers when attached to parent by bottom node.
157 Fixed: Issue with sepratrons on solid rocket boosters.
CYBUTEK 159, 19-10-2014
CYBUTEK 160 UPDATE NOTICE: If you are updating from a previous version of Kerbal Engineer 1.0, please
CYBUTEK 161 delete the 'Settings/SectionLibrary.xml' file, or remove the old install first. This will
CYBUTEK 162 reset the Flight Engineer sections to their default values and enable the new HUD functionality.
CYBUTEK 164 Added: New reaouts to the vessel category:
165 - Suicide Burn Altitude (height above terrain to start burn)
166 - Suicide Burn Distance (distance to suicide burn altitude)
167 - Suicide Burn DeltaV (velocity change required to zero vertical speed)
CYBUTEK 168 *** F5 for safety and use at your own risk! ***
CYBUTEK 170 Added: HUD type sections to the Flight Engineer.
CYBUTEK 171 Added: HUD sections can have a smoked background for easy visibility.
CYBUTEK 172 Added: 'Switch to Target' button on the Target Selector readout.
173 Changed: The default installed readouts to reduce new user brain melt.
CYBUTEK 174 Fixed: Flight Engineer not saving its hidden state.
175 Fixed: Bug in the phase angle calculations.
CYBUTEK 176 Fixed: Bug where the Build Engineer would stay locked after hiding with the shortcut key.
CYBUTEK 178, 08-10-2014
CYBUTEK 179 Added: Title of the build engineer in compact mode now shows if you are using atmospheric data.
CYBUTEK 180 Added: New readout to the surface category:
181 - Vertical Acceleration
182 - Horizontal Acceleration
184 Changed: Atmospheric efficiency readout now shows as a percentage.
CYBUTEK 185 Changed: Atmospheric settings (pressure/velocity) in the editor condensed onto a single line.
CYBUTEK 186 Fixed: Bug where the overlays in the editor would stay open outside of parts screen.
CYBUTEK 188, 07-10-2014
CYBUTEK 189 Updated for KSP v0.25.0
190 Changed: Prettyfied Latitude and Longitude readouts.
191 Changed: ModuleLandingGear now uses the physical significance flag.
192 Changed: Updated MiniAVC to
CYBUTEK 194, 17-09-2014
CYBUTEK 195 Fixed: Part size bug caused by TweakScale's cost calculator.
CYBUTEK 197, 15-09-2014
CYBUTEK 198 Added: Build Engineer now also implements the '\' backslash show/hide shortcut.
199 Added: New readouts to the vessel category:
200 - Current Stage DeltaV
201 - Surface Thrust to Weight Ratio
203 Added: New editor overlay system.
204 - Sleeker design.
205 - Hover over part information options:
206 - Name only
207 - Middle click to show
208 - Always show
209 - Slide out overlay displays:
210 - Vessel information
211 - Resources list
213 Fixed: Cost calculation now works with mods implementing IPartCostModifier.
CYBUTEK 215, 06-09-2014
CYBUTEK 216 Fixed: Bug which caused rendezvous readouts to freeze the game or show all zeros.
CYBUTEK 218, 06-09-2014
CYBUTEK 219 Added: New readouts to the vessel category:
220 - Intake Air (Usage)
222 Added: New readouts to the rendezvous category:
223 - Relative Velocity
224 - Relative Speed
CYBUTEK 226 Fixed: An issue where deltaV would not be calculated whilst flying.
CYBUTEK 227 Fixed: NullRef whilst loading the in flight Action Menu.
CYBUTEK 229, 02-09-2014
CYBUTEK 230 Changed: Reversed Intake Air readout from 'S/D' to 'D/S' for easier reading.
CYBUTEK 231 Changed: Increased Intake Air readout precision to 4 decimal places.
CYBUTEK 232 Fixed: Issue where Intake Air supply was not representative of total supply.
CYBUTEK 233 Fixed: Bug where actual thrust does not reset to zero on deactivated engines.
CYBUTEK 234 Fixed: Thrust now scales with velocity for atmospheric engines. (Padishar's fix)
CYBUTEK 236, 01-09-2014
CYBUTEK 237 Added: Part count information to the Build Engineer.
CYBUTEK 238 Added: Reset button to the G-Force readout.
239 Added: Preset system to the Flight Engineer.
240 Added: New stock presets:
241 - Orbital
242 - Surface
243 - Vessel
244 - Rendezvous
CYBUTEK 246 Added: New readouts to the orbital category:
CYBUTEK 247 - True Anomaly
248 - Eccentric Anomaly
249 - Mean Anomaly
250 - Argument of Periapsis
251 - Angle to Prograde
252 - Angle to Retrograde
254 Added: New readouts to the vessel category:
CYBUTEK 255 - Intake Air (Demand)
256 - Intake Air (Supply)
257 - Intake Air (Supply/Demand)
CYBUTEK 259 Added: New readouts to the rendezvous category.
260 - Semi-major Axis
261 - Semi-minor Axis
CYBUTEK 263 Added: Time formatter which can show time as referenced by any celestial body.
CYBUTEK 264 Added: New readouts to the miscellaneous category:
CYBUTEK 265 - Time Reference Adjuster
267 Changed: Moved Sim Delay readout into the Miscellaneous category.
CYBUTEK 268 Changed: Updated MiniAVC to v1.0.2.3.
CYBUTEK 269 Fixed: Issues with large value wrap around in the Flight Engineer.
270 Fixed: Bug in the phase angle calculation.
CYBUTEK 272, 23-08-2014
CYBUTEK 273 Added: Time and Angle to equatorial ascending/descending nodes in the orbital display.
274 Added: Time and Angle to relative ascending/descending nodes in the rendezvous display.
CYBUTEK 275 Added: Overlay tooltip information delay adjustment slider to the Build Engineer settings.
CYBUTEK 276 Added: Ability to rename the stock displays in the Flight Engineer.
CYBUTEK 277 Changed: Build Engineer is now hidden when not in parts view.
CYBUTEK 278 Changed: Custom display panels will only show in the control bar if an abbreviation is set.
279 Changed: Licensing and readme structures are now more verbose to satisfy the new add-on rules.
CYBUTEK 280 Fixed: Updated MiniAVC to v1.0.2.1 (fixes remote check bug as well as other minor bugs).
CYBUTEK 282, 13-08-2014
CYBUTEK 283 Added: Acceleration readout to the Vessel category (current / maximum).
284 Added: Category library system for the Flight Engineer readouts.
285 Added: Drop-down category selection to better support the new system.
286 Changed: Misc category now called Miscellaneous (this will cause previously added readouts from this category to vanish).
287 Fixed: Bug with the Build Engineer toolbar button.
288 Fixed: Some buggyness when trying to close the bodies drop-down in the Build Engineer via the button.
289 Fixed: Flight Engineer toolbar menu now hides when hiding the GUI with F2.
290 Fixed: Flight Engineer toolbar button now disables when in module mode and no engineer is running.
CYBUTEK 292, 12-08-2014
CYBUTEK 293 Added: Better stock toolbar support in the flight engineer.
294 Added: Dynamically generated celestial body library for supporting add-ons that modify the star system.
295 Changed: Reference bodies are now listed with a nestable menu system.
296 Changed: Extended logging system has been improved.
297 Changed: Swapped out integrated MiniAVC in place of the official bundle version.
298 Changed: Increased general distance precision to 1 decimal place.
299 Changed: Increased Semi-major/minor axis precision to 3 decimal places.
300 Fixed: Impact altitude was mistakenly formatted as an angle, it is now formatted correctly as a distance.
CYBUTEK 302, 30-07-2014
CYBUTEK 303 Added: Integrated KSP-AVC support with MiniAVC.
304 Added: Setting to change the simulation delay in the Build Engineer.
305 Added: Setting to enable and disable the build overlay system.
306 Added: Burn time to Delta-V readouts.
307 Added: Atmospheric readouts fully support FAR.
308 Added: Atmospheric readouts are disabled with NEAR.
309 Changed: Force formatting inversely scales decimal precision with value.
310 Fixed: Flickering in VAB and Vessel display.
311 Fixed: Bug saving the GUI display size.
CYBUTEK 313, 27-07-2014
CYBUTEK 314 Added: Separator readout module under Misc in the Flight Engineer.
315 Added: Adjustable GUI display size.
316 Added: Display size can be adjusted in the Build Engineer settings.
317 Added: Misc readout for adjusting display size in the Flight Engineer.
318 Changed: The rendezvous readout for the target's Orbital Period has higher precision.
319 Fixed: White toolbar icon by manually importing the texture if it cannot be found in the game database.
320 Fixed: Engines that have a minimum thrust are now calculated properly. (Thanks to nosscire.)
321 Fixed: Compact collapse mode is now saved in the Build Engineer.
CYBUTEK 323, 26-07-2014
CYBUTEK 324 Added: Part-less Flight Engineer.
325 Added: Ability to collapse the Build Engineer into compact mode from left or right.
326 Added: Settings in Build Engineer for compact collapse mode and partless/module Flight Engineer.
327 Added: Biome, Impact Biome and Slope readouts.
328 Added: Extra logging and exception handling.
329 Added: The original Engineer Chip part.
330 Added: "Show Engineer" toggle on the Flight Engineer toolbar.
331 Changed: Extended logging system now also writes to the standard KSP logs.
332 Changed: Extended logging saves next to the .dll file.
333 Changed: ER7500 part has no physical significance.
334 Fixed: ActionMenu and DisplayStack destruction bug.
CYBUTEK 336, 24-07-2014
CYBUTEK 337 Added: Stock toolbar support in the Flight Engineer.
338 Changed: Orbital Period has higher precision.
339 Fixed: Various NullRefs in editor window and overlay.
CYBUTEK 341, 24-07-2014
CYBUTEK 342 Initial release for public testing.