3d14937 Andy Wilkinson Basic compatibility with the ToadicusTools refact… ttrefactor
8f2ace0 Andy Wilkinson Converted foreach->for and removed Linq.
ee36dff toadicus VOID_CareerTracker: waitToResize relocated to upd…
3af0f9e toadicus No longer rebuilding the table when it doesn't ne…
3ce4e1f Andy Wilkinson Now skipping the window decoration cache.
84a364f Andy Wilkinson New logic for using window decorations.
e64a330 Andy Wilkinson Last mega-commit, probably. Seems done-ish!
57e453b Andy Wilkinson A bunch more early dev; getting close to a workin…
16714ec Andy Wilkinson csproj: Added Linux configurations.
6ebfef9 toadicus VCT_Master: Fixed a typo.
cc15549 toadicus Initial commit; tracking generally works.