Quick KSP 1.1 compatibility pass.
[TweakableEverything.git] / TweakableEverything.sln
toadicus Quick KSP 1.1 compatibility pass.
toadicus Resurrected TweakableRCS to tweak enableAxis/Tran…
toadicus Removed TMAG, TCFlow, TEF, TLadders, TRCS. Disab…
toadicus Generally excised ModuleStagingToggle, now that t…
toadicus TweakableControlSurfaces: Linux build targets.
toadicus TweakableControlSurfaces: Looks like it's working.
toadicus sln changes
toadicus TweakableLadders: Ressurection
toadicus TweakableFuelPumps: Added Linux deployments.
toadicus New TweakableFuelPumps module adds action group i…
toadicus Endlines, maybe?
toadicus TweakableSAS: New module that allows older probe …
toadicus TweakableParachutes: Added Linux build targets.
toadicus TweakableParachutes: New Module! Allows tweaking…
toadicus Version 1.5 1.5
toadicus Removed ModuleDB afterall.
Andy TweakableIntakes: Added Windows project targets.
toadicus New TweakableIntakes module.
Andy Solution: Added ModuleDB so it can be part of the…
Andy Solution: Fixed/added TweakableEVA configurations.
toadicus New TweakableEVA module.
toadicus Version 1.2 1.2
toadicus Version 1.1 1.1
toadicus Added project and solution items for Linux compat.
Andy Added all the csproj files and the sln.