e35981d toadicus csproj changes for Visual Studio master
12a0010 andy Merge branch 'master' of github.com:toadicus/Quan…
6179146 andy Added .mbm to .gitattributes
68d7a5c Andy Wilkinson Version 1.6
c694efc Andy Wilkinson Fixed 'lag behind' bug, updated for KSP 1.1
b629289 andy Added .gitattributes
ad34656 toadicus Build overlay update for 1.1 GUI changes exp
f36f2be Andy Wilkinson Preliminary new references, usings, and code chan…
8fae1b1 Andy Wilkinson Disable DEBUG.
6a6f2a2 toadicus Newlines are silly.
69591df toadicus Made MaxStrutLength work in the editor, and fixed…
83f6b5c toadicus Add MaxStructLength for changing the length of th…
c36f165 Andy Wilkinson Version 1.4 1.4
1e8f1d1 toadicus Minor debug stuff; clarify the module can't be st…
bf909d5 toadicus A little post-pull cleanup.
2e2aee8 toadicus Merge pull request #1 from khr15714n/master
1c15f17 khr15714n updated part, backup model & model000
ade3ebc khr15714n backup model001
6edb742 khr15714n added dds
a536fbd khr15714n deprecated KASModuleGrab
87e26c0 Andy Wilkinson Generally compatible with TT refactor.
43be577 Andy Wilkinson Converted foreach->for
4c90fbd Andy Wilkinson Version 1.3
7ace5b0 Andy Wilkinson Removed the Core parts, since they've been deprec…
7901ab5 Andy Wilkinson Removed .dll from version control.
09625a7 Andy Wilkinson Probably the last rework commit.
187b683 Andy Wilkinson Deploy reworking, Windows edition.
0f0115d Andy Wilkinson Deploy reworking, round 2.
f298e42 Andy Wilkinson Reworking the way deployments are handled.
f624217 Andy Wilkinson Version 1.2 1.2
03c0dbe toadicus Removed some unused methods for 0.90.0 compatibil…
f83336e Andy Wilkinson Added KASifyQSC.
40aea4d Andy Wilkinson Relicensed.
0155a2f Andy Wilkinson Version 1.1 1.1
f3470d4 Andy Disabled MSBuild because apparently it's broken i…
b0dc0f8 Andy Wilkinson csproj: Added Linux stuff.
f9ccf5a Andy QuantumStart: Added using ToadicusTools.
ac646d8 Andy Added project file.
0ae8421 Andy Wilkinson Merge branch 'master' of zeetha:/QuantumStrutsCon…
f3cf479 Andy Wilkinson Systemic changes to facilitate enable/disable fun…
4aca824 Andy Enable Activate & Deactive events from EVA.
872b0a5 Andy Wilkinson Changes to AssemblyInfo.
7ece50d Andy Wilkinson Actually removed the Threading.Tasks using lines.
e7dbb48 Andy Wilkinson More format fixes.
23c1866 Andy Wilkinson Fixed up some formatting and removed some warning…
10a7ea8 Andy Commented out System.Threading.Tasks lines, which…
2622720 Andy Fixed newlines and added legal.
553ef12 Andy Added Parts directory stuff.
1c8fe4c Andy Initial commit. QuantumStruts