backup model001
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backup model001

moved */model000.mbm to backup
moved */model001.mbm to backup
added to backup

Unless I'm really blind there is no usage for model001 which (maybe)
were sometimes normals used in the original Quantumstruts mod. Both
*.mu's don't use them but maybe you wanna change this. That's why I've
moved the originals (*.mbm) and into a backup folder.

Note that both model000 and model001 are exactly the same.
Maybe you wanna add some colorcoding or something else. Otherwise you
could simply use one and one for both parts
(quantumStruts and strutGun) to save memory.
backup/QuantumStrutsContinued/Parts/QuantumStruts/quantumStrut/model000.mbm [ moved from GameData/QuantumStrutsContinued/Parts/QuantumStruts/quantumStrut/model000.mbm with 100%% similarity ]
backup/QuantumStrutsContinued/Parts/QuantumStruts/quantumStrut/ [ new file with mode 0644 ]
backup/QuantumStrutsContinued/Parts/QuantumStruts/quantumStrut/model001.mbm [ moved from GameData/QuantumStrutsContinued/Parts/QuantumStruts/quantumStrut/model001.mbm with 100%% similarity ]
backup/QuantumStrutsContinued/Parts/QuantumStruts/strutGun/model000.mbm [ moved from GameData/QuantumStrutsContinued/Parts/QuantumStruts/strutGun/model000.mbm with 100%% similarity ]
backup/QuantumStrutsContinued/Parts/QuantumStruts/strutGun/ [ new file with mode 0644 ]
backup/QuantumStrutsContinued/Parts/QuantumStruts/strutGun/model001.mbm [ moved from GameData/QuantumStrutsContinued/Parts/QuantumStruts/strutGun/model001.mbm with 100%% similarity ]