Deploy reworking, Windows edition.
[NSScientific.git] / NSScientific.csproj
Andy Wilkinson Deploy reworking, Windows edition.
Andy Wilkinson Deploy reworking, round 2.
Andy Wilkinson Reworking the way deployments are handled.
Andy Wilkinson Copy textures to output directory.
Andy Wilkinson Deploy Textures folder in Linux.
Andy Wilkinson Added textures, ATM config to source control.
Andy Wilkinson Improved Resources deployment.
toadicus New KerbalMassTracker Module that makes parts wei…
Andy Wilkinson Minor changes.
toadicus NSSKerbinExplorer: New plugin to auto-explore Ker…
toadicus New NSSContractPicker feature.
Andy Wilkinson csproj: Added deploy commands to Linux
toadicus csproj: Added robocopy commands for Windows.
toadicus Disabled MSBuildEngine... how did it get enabled?
Andy Wilkinson csproj: added linux configs
Andy Wilkinson Added AssemblyInfo.