descriptionA KSP gameplay mod that changes the science game to discourage busywork and encourage fun.
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f403dfb Andy Wilkinson Generally compatible with TT refactor. master
1f7598e Andy Wilkinson UpgradeableFacilityConfigurator: Added SaveFacili…
7990d4a toadicus UpgradeableFacilityConfigurator: New module that …
4f300a8 toadicus KerbinExplorer: Only do exploration if we have to…
e9981a1 toadicus New module that 'fixes' the AltitudeRecords progr…
111ee0f toadicus New gitattributes, changes to endlines maybe?
f725f03 Andy Wilkinson Removed .dll from version control.
3dbf958 Andy Wilkinson Probably the last rework commit.
33f69fd Andy Wilkinson Deploy reworking, Windows edition.
7482963 Andy Wilkinson Deploy reworking, round 2.
99cb1bc Andy Wilkinson Reworking the way deployments are handled.
bbe0048 Andy Wilkinson Merge branch 'master' of zeetha:NSScientific
37e2473 Andy Wilkinson Copy textures to output directory.
f337624 toadicus PartRedefs: Rebalanced for 0.90.0
663664f Andy Wilkinson Deploy Textures folder in Linux.
df719d7 Andy Wilkinson Added textures, ATM config to source control.