descriptionA utility library for KSP mods that provides caching databases for PartModules in Vessels and Parts.
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1947786 Andy Wilkinson csproj ReleaseVersions, because that's important master
abf76e5 Andy Wilkinson ModuleDB: Added xml docs because of YAY.
2cf04aa Andy ModuleDB: Added new System.Object overloads for u…
ab3f769 Andy Wilkinson No longer build deprecated PrefabPartDB.
36f9611 Andy Project: Fixed up Windows AfterBuild commands, an…
ea52462 Andy Wilkinson csproj changes for Linux compat.
f570838 Andy In general, moved XML comments to IModuleDB, but …
a85aeca Andy Added AssemblyInfo.
94990fe Andy Minor name-changing stuff.
884c86c Andy Moved ModuleDB and PrefabPartDB from ToadicusTool…