descriptionA module-aware parser for KSP .cfg files.
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1873243 andy Changed to parse specifically in GameData, to spe… master
91c9546 andy Updated for 0.21 and GameData folder.
2478157 Toad KSP_Part: dumpKSPData now uses "repr" instead of …
ea9704b Toad .gitignore: Added .settings.
56d236c Toad KSP_PartParser: Added logic for .craft files. It…
9644225 Toad KSP_PartParser: Added commandline option for csv,…
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c5d74c1 Toad KSP_PartParser: Renamed from KSP_Parser.
8b590af Toad Added trailing newlines and shebangs.
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cd17541 Toad Broke things out into files (for simplicity, I ho…
850c215 Toad Version 1.0 of the Part parser.