Moved all configuration items to ARConfiguration, because that makes sense.
[AntennaRange.git] / AntennaRange.csproj
Andy Wilkinson Deply reworking, cfg removal.
Andy Wilkinson Deploy reworking, Windows edition.
Andy Wilkinson Deploy reworking, round 2.
Andy Wilkinson Reworking the way deployments are handled.
Andy Wilkinson Version 1.3 1.3
Andy Revert "Enabled MSBuild engine because of reasons…
Andy Enabled MSBuild engine because of reasons.
Andy Wilkinson Version 1.1 1.1
Andy Wilkinson Added a configuration window to the spacecenter f…
Andy Minor .csproj changes.
Andy Wilkinson csproj changes for Linux compat.
Andy Added compile links to the ModuleDB wrappers and …
Andy Added csproj to see if I can't make my workflow b…