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ArgParseSharp.git A .NET CLI argument parser roughly shadowing python's ArgParse. Toad
KerbalStuffWrapper.git A CSharp library that provides an interface to the KerbalStuff API. Toadicus
NSScientific.git A KSP gameplay mod that changes the science game to discourage busywork and encourage fun. Toadicus
AdaptiveDockingNode.git A KSP mod for Cpt. Kipard that facilitates multi-size adaptive docking nodes. Toadicus
ScreenshotManager.git A KSP mod that allows users to select the JPEG format for screenshots. Toadicus
VOID.git A KSP mod that displays various information about vessels and their states. Toadicus
AntennaRange.git A KSP mod that enforces and encourages the use of the bigger antennas. Toadicus
TweakableEverything.git A KSP mod that lets shielded ports be opened and closed in the editor, and other things. Toadicus
EVAManager.git A KSP mod that provides a configurable method for manipulating PartModules and PartResources in the kerbalEVA part. Toadicus
VOID_CareerTracker.git A KSP module for VOID that tracks and reports currency transactions within a career. Toadicus
QuantumStrutsContinued.git A KSP part mod that provides magical struts for rigidifying vessels constructed outside the VAB. Toad
PyKStuff.git A Python API wrapper and CLI script for KerbalStuff Toad
RimWorld_HeatPump.git A RimWorld mod implementing properly-calculated refrigeration and multi-mode heat pumps. Toad
CPPToys.git A library of semi-useful things for making C++ less painful. Toad
ToadicusTools.git A library of tools for KSP mods. Toadicus
KSP_Parser.git A module-aware parser for KSP .cfg files. Toad
OperationBouncingYoda.git A proof-of-concept OpenGL project in Csharp for learning about things and stuff with Yoda. Toad
Jump.git A silly toy for entertaining small children. Toad
ModuleDB.git A utility library for KSP mods that provides caching databases for PartModules in Vessels and Parts. Toadicus
VesselSimulator.git A utility library for KSP mods that provides detailed Engineering calculations for vessels in flight and in the editor. Forked from KerbalEngineerRedux by CYBUTEK and using improved algorithms by Padishar. toadicus
Orbitizer.git An orbital calculator / simulator. Toad
Modular.git Code that lets classes be made from other classes. Toad
GalaxyGenerator.git Generates, renders, saves, and loads real-looking spiral arm galaxies. Toad
fledgeling.git The Nested-Nodal Reality Simulator. Toad and Ziggy
SolaceLib.git WoW Mod Library for Solace mods. Toad
SolaceBuffDisplay.git Wow Mod that shows and improves aura displays for the default party and target frames. Toad